Okoboji ice is out

The Iowa Great Lakes have shed their ice for the season. East Lake Okoboji was declared ice-free March 21st, and the last bit of ice on West Lake Okoboji went out on March 29th.

Supervisors Vote To Send Survey To Other Counties Regarding Revisions To Master Matrix System

The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to send a survey to other Iowa counties asking them if they feel the Master Matrix system should be revised to give local authorities more control over the placement of large confined animal feeding operations, or CAFOS. The supervisors took the action after hearing from Jim Youngclass, a former Dickinson County Extension Director who now lives in Grinnell and serves on the board of directors of Concerned Citizens of Iowa.

Educational meeting planned Oct. 22

The Dickinson County Clean Water Alliance will host an educational meeting Oct. 22 to learn more about Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy and efforts to fund a state trust fund devoted to natural resources and outdoor recreation, which Iowa voters overwhelming approved in 2010. The meeting will take place at 7:00 PM at the Dickinson … Read more…

New York Times: Science Takes On a Silent Invader

In an effort to keep our members informed on the Zebra Mussel issue in the Iowa Great Lakes, we share this article published recently in the New York Times. Since they arrived in the Great Lakes in the 1980s, two species of mussels the size of pistachios have spread to hundreds of lakes and rivers in 34 states and have done vast economic and ecological damage.

Electric fish barrier operating

Introductory Notes: Many people have asked the question why wasn’t the electric fish barrier turned on? The reason is there is only a few inches of water on the deck right now and with the electricity turned on the fish are immobilized and can’t get off the wide deck and they die there. Then we have … Read more…

Okoboji Launch Event held in Omaha

Launch Okoboji 2013 – party in Omaha to celebrate the beginning of the 2013 season. Party given by Denny and Diana Walker at the Jet Linx airplane hangar. Over 150 Omaha lake owners attended. Kazarellis catered the event with KUOO live streaming music. Goodie bags with information about all of the wonderful attractions and organizations … Read more…

Business Member reception held

The Iowa Great Lakes Association held a business member reception Wednesday, Jan. 30 at Emerald Hills Golf Club in Arnolds Park. Recognizing that not only lakes residents but businesses have a passionate interest in preserving our lakes and the thriving economy brought on by our clean waters, the association introduced a business membership option in … Read more…