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The Iowa Great Lakes are a beautiful natural resource that are the lifeblood of our communities. But the lakes are under constant threat of invasive species, overcrowding, overdevelopment, and other environmental factors that would cause harm. In order to maintain this treasure for generations to come, we must remain diligent.

Help us defend the Iowa Great Lakes by joining IGLA. Your membership of any amount will allow us to be proactive in protecting the lakes.

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How We Communicate With Members

As an IGLA member, you will receive regular communication to keep you informed about our efforts, how you can be active in defending the lakes, and volunteer opportunities.


IGLA regularly sends updates on our priorities and threats the lakes face through direct mail. These mailings provide an excellent way to keep members updated on current events.


Our organization distributes newsletters to members to keep them informed of our ongoing efforts, recap our successes, and spread the word about how IGLA and other environmental organizations.