About Us

Our History

IGLA: Founded in 2008

The Iowa Great Lakes Association has always sought to protect and preserve the natural beauty and economic impact of the Iowa Great Lakes.

IGLA was incorporated in 2008 when a large hog producer was planning to build a hog confinement in Dickinson County. Iowa Great Lakes residents were concerned about the impact this confinement would have on the pristine lakes. IGLA’s founders brought together community members and the agriculture industry to find common ground and agree upon a solution for the common good.

In fact, pork producers shared IGLA’s passion to protect the lakes. Both parties agreed that a buffer with a large enough distance between the lakes and livestock farms should be established. The compromise was a four-mile ecotourism buffer around lakes in the region.

IGLA’S Mission Continues

Today, much of this same work continues.

IGLA now prioritizes and addresses present and future threats to protect the lakes as a natural resource and support the enormous economic impact they have on our communities.

How We Help