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Our Priorities

The Iowa Great Lakes Association identifies and responds to potential threats to the lakes and our region. We also support the efforts of other organizations that advocate for the environmental and economic benefits of the lakes.

Our Current Priorities Are:

  • Clean water solutions
  • High water solutions
  • Lake congestion
  • Hog lots (CAFOs)
  • Curly-leaf pondweed
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Arnolds Park
  • Bur oak blight
  • Lake development

Our Successes

Since 2008, IGLA has defended and proactively protected the Iowa Great Lakes.

Our Organization’s Successes Are:

  • Significantly raised the county’s awareness of the proliferation of new RV parks
  • Successfully lobbied the county for the construction of a bridge at the Lower Gar outlet to minimize flooding
  • Lobbied the state legislature for $1,000,000 for Center Lake restoration
  • Participated in raising $1,000,000 for the installation of the Lower Gar fish barrier
  • Established animal confinement (CAFO) boundaries
  • Provided Bur Oak Blight solutions
  • Participated in the East and West Hottes and Marble Lake restoration
  • Continued support for Arnolds Park, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and all clean water solutions

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