Your association asked the DNR for their opinion on the possibilities of Zebra Mussel eradication, management of the infestation and estimates of damage. They have responded with a technical five page report regarding the feasibility of controlling or eradicating zebra mussels in the Iowa Great Lakes (Click here to view report). The last page presents some conclusions that permits an easier understanding of the issues.

It is a complex issue because:

  • Our lakes represent a large body of water to effectively treat with chemicals
  • The health of many living organisms in the water will need to be considered, I.e. fish, mussels, zooplankton
  • This is a public water body that precludes shutting the public out at any time
  • Most of the drinking water for the county is drawn from one of the lakes.
  • Regulatory approval by the DNR and EPA would probably be needed to place chemicals in the water

In order to proceed it will probably be necessary to initiate a multi-year university feasibility study to fully assess the problem.

We will continue to ask questions and formulate a clearer picture of what the infestation means to the Iowa Great Lakes. Stay Tuned…