The Milford City Council met Monday, February 14th and reviewed a proposed agreement with Dickinson County pertaining to the Lower Gar Outlet, saying they want changes made to it.  Supervisor Tim Fairchild informed fellow supervisors of the matter at the Tuesday, February 15th supervisor’s meeting.

“They want to go to a 25-year maintenance agreement.  They want a 10-foot wide, I guess, you’d call it a trail on each side and they’d like it separated.  There’s a lot of people fishing on the bridge, what not.  They also ask that we strike the word culvert from the agreement, which is fine with me if we assume we can get a bridge built in there. And then they wanted us to indemnify the city permanently for anything that would happen because of this action.”

Fairchild also said he’d like to see preliminary design & cost estimated for a bridge. The Dickinson County Supervisors will discuss Lower Gar & the City of Milford’s requests at their next meeting.