What makes IGLA special is that as a non-profit 501c(4) corporation that pays tax, it has the right to lobby at local, state, or national levels in order to ensure that government officials hear important area issues.

Both lake homeowners and visitors are encouraged to join IGLA. While it is our lakes that bring many of us here, it’s the community that bonds us. Whether it’s a day on the water, a bike ride through the trails, or this is your permanent home, the Iowa Great Lakes area is a wonderful place to be.

By joining the Iowa Great Lakes Association, you are doing your part to ensure that the lakes region will continue to diligently move forward in the ongoing process of protection for the Iowa Great Lakes.

As a 501c4 organization, IGLA has the ability to make major accomplishments no other Lake Association can.  IGLA can lobby, initiate legal actions & advertise. For example, we recently lobbied the Iowa Legislature for $1,000,0000 for Center Lake Restoration. IGLA also initiated legal action to encourage Dickison County and Milford to install 2 more culverts at the Lower Gar Outlet.

To join, use our convenient and secure online form below for Paypal, or download and mail this enrollment form (pdf).

IGLA members choose their own membership level. Common donation options include $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500. We’d love your support.

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