Below is an excerpt from July 31st edition of the electronic newsletter of the Inland Lakes Yachting Association called Scowlines. This is the final report for the July 28 – 30 Inland Class X Championship Regatta held at Okoboji. This was a great event with 92 Class X boats participating. A great shot in the arm for our X boaters in the 10 -16 age range.

Another year is in the history books. What won’t be forgotten is the spectacular organization, service and magnificent hospitality of the Okoboji Yacht Club. What is it? Is it simply the spacious lawn where we all fit? Is it Iowa casualness (triggered by the calm, organized manner of OYC) which allows us to relax amongst our friends so appreciatetively? Is it the cadre of volunteers who  are plentiful but so gentle in their guidance of our large herd?

Take for example the pleasant voices over the intercom who led us through a massive food line or announced the change in plans in mooring removal. It’s always with a welcoming demeanor. Simply, Okoboji is the best, most relaxing venue. The same folks volunteering day after day – not only the regatta chairs Brigid Wilkening and her cohort Kirsty Thoreson but Brad and Sheryl Jones who never left the property, the boat drivers who so faithfully and patiently stayed by our side through long days. The food organizer was a picture of cool when we rushed the facility.

Lastly, to Brad Farrar – you are a wonder! More energy than all the sailors combined, handling food, beverage, RC, scoring, facility, deliveries, financials —- you are a whiz! We should all have a Brad Farrar at our clubs.