The Iowa Great Lakes Association (IGLA) is moving into high gear, pursuing three major initiatives:

  1. Funding for the Dickinson County Clean Water Alliance (DCWA) restoration program;
  2. Aggressively working on solutions for the Zebra mussel infestation; and
  3. Working with the Iowa Parks Foundation seeking funds for IMPROVEMENTS FOR our PARKS. 

Your association is working with all Lake Protective Associations and environmental conservation groups who are members and supporters of the DCWA’s efforts to fund the RMP.  All these aforementioned groups are asking the Legislature to provide $1 million for two projects these groups know to be “URGENT!”  These two projects at Center Lake will prevent the discharge of polluted water into the Iowa chain of lakes.  We have  printed a descriptive brochure Let us know if you would like a copy. We mailed to all involved in the decision process;
• Governor’s Office Key People
• Iowa Legislators
• DNR Leaders
• Dickinson County Clean Water Alliance Partners
• Dickinson County Officials
• Project Contacts

We have met with various chairs of legislative committees who will be a part of the approval process along with the Governor’s office.  To do this, we have enlisted the help of Chuck Larson’s lobbying and public relations firm, LS2 Group.  Chuck Larson, Susan Fenton and Jeff Boeyink (former Chief of Staff for Governor Branstad) are assisting us in these efforts.  We have met with the following individuals:
• Representative Dan Huseman (R-Aurelia), House District 3 and Chair of the Joint Infrastructure and Capital Appropriations Subcommittee
• Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha), Speaker of the House
• Senator Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines), Co-chair of the Joint Transportation, Infrastructure and Capital Appropriations Subcommittee
• Senator Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock), Leader of the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus
• Senator Dick Deaden (D-Des Moines), Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Environmental Committee.
• Governor’s Office – Governor Terry Branstad; Matt Hinch, Chief of Staff; Dave Renderer, Director, Department of Management; and Adam Gregg, legislative liaison.
• Representative Linda Upmeyer (R-Clear Lake), House Majority Leader.

Update on ramifications of the Zebra Mussel infestation – We have contracted with outside investigators to determine the following:
• Zebra Mussel eradication possibilities
• Management of Zebra Mussel infestation
• The effect and damage to property caused by Zebra Mussels
• The economic ramifications of property values

The Green Ribbon Commission – Revitalization of the state parks of Iowa:  We are working with Governor Branstad’s Green Ribbon Commission, which is in partnership with the Iowa Parks Foundation and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to fund improvements in Iowa state parks.  There are four  of our parks on their list:  Gull Point State Park, Marble Beach, Mini Wakan State Park, and Pikes Point.  The Iowa Great Lakes Association is putting our name in for funds for one or all of our parks to improve and revitalize the facilities.

All of this is being done with your support and membership.  We cannot do this without you and welcome any ideas you may have.  However, it is mainly your financial support of our efforts that make all this possible.  Thank you for your continued support.