Additional zebra mussels collected in Lakes area

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has found a small number of additional zebra mussels in the Iowa Great Lakes. The DNR released a press release this week about the discovery.

Meeting on Trumbull Lake Restoration Set for Oct 23 in Okoboji

OKOBOJI, Iowa – One of Iowa’s larger shallow lakes will be the focus of a water quality improvement project that was born out of the historic drought of 2012. The 1,200-acre Trumbull Lake and its 1,000 acres of connected marshes, in Clay County, are nearly dry which is unusual for the shallow lakes system that … Read more

Zebra Mussel collected in Iowa Great Lakes

SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa – The Iowa DNR recently collected a single live juvenile zebra mussel from Upper Gar Lake on a sampling plate used to monitor for the presence or absence of zebra mussels. Additional sampling was immediately conducted in Spirit Lake, West Okoboji Lake, East Okoboji Lake, Upper Gar Lake, Minnewashta, and Lower Gar … Read more

Nebraska law cracks down on invasive carp

One fish, two fish Asian carp fish … no fish. It’s not exactly Dr. Seuss’ original story line, but it is what can happen when an invasive species such as Asian carp enters a lake. Asian carp are voracious eaters. They deplete the food supply for native fish, said Karie Decker, invasive species program coordinator … Read more

Westergard receives photo contest prize

Iowa Great Lakes Association Executive Director Phil Petersen presented Sue Westergard with the prize check for her winning entry in the Iowa Great Lakes Association’s Photo Contest. Westergard receive $250 for the winning photo. The People’s Choice Contest Continues. Vote today on our facebook page.

Citizens voice comments on Aquatic Invasive Species legislation

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) held a meeting in Spirit Lake Monday, July 30 at the Dickinson County Expo Building to accept comments on a proposal to the 2013 Iowa Legislature which would change the Iowa code as it relates to aquatic invasive species. About 25 concerned citizens were in attendance to hear … Read more

Blue green algae causing problems on Big Spirit Lake

Courtesy of Explore Okoboji – Fri 7-20-2012 (Orleans)– Blue-green algae is starting to make an appearance on some of the Iowa Great Lakes. Mike Hawkins, a fisheries biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resouces tells KUOO news it’s most notable right now on Big Spirit Lake. Hawkins says people and pets should stay away … Read more

DNR officials discuss invasive species, lake levels at Iowa Great Lakes meeting

Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) gathered this week in the Iowa Great Lakes area to meet with local leaders and discuss important issues relating to lake levels and invasive species. Attendees included DNR Director Chuck Gipp, several DNR Bureau Chiefs, other local and state DNR officials, as well as Iowa Great … Read more

Aquatic Invasive Species meeting planned for July 30

For the last two years the State of Minnesota has been strengthening their Aquatic Invasive Species laws. Last fall, Iowa Great Lakes residents asked the DNR and legislature to strengthen Iowa’s AIS laws. Something happened and the AIS changes was not properly drafted for presentation to the legislature. Attached is a DNR letter that explains … Read more

USA Today covers invasive species issue

After Brian Griffin pulls his boat out of West Loon Lake, a couple of weeds dangle from his trailer and propeller. One is a nice surprise: white-stemmed pondweed, an endangered plant, says Michael Adam, senior biologist for Lake County. The other is a problem: Eurasian watermilfoil.