Hog Lots

E. Coli Levels Alarming on Big Spirit Lake Beach

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the water concentration of E. Coli on Crandall's Beach on Big Spirit Lake has surpassed the capabilities of DNR test kits. The beach registered more than 24,000 viable bacteria. This is 10 times what is considered...

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Supervisors draft letter to DNR

This morning the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors authorized the sending of the attached letter to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources - Environmental Protection Division at Spencer. The letter was hand carried to Spencer this afternoon. Click to read - Guge...

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Supervisors Hold Workshop To Draft Hog Lot Letter

Story courtesy Explore Okoboji Wed 9-17-2014 (Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson county board of supervisors meet this (Wed.) morning for a workshop on writing a letter to the Department of Natural Resources regarding a proposed manure management plan for a proposed 2,400...

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