For the last two years the State of Minnesota has been strengthening their Aquatic Invasive Species laws. Last fall, Iowa Great Lakes residents asked the DNR and legislature to strengthen Iowa’s AIS laws. Something happened and the AIS changes was not properly drafted for presentation to the legislature.

Attached is a DNR letter that explains what is being proposed now and a summary of the proposed changes to Iowa’s section 456A.37 Aquatic Invasive Species law. The main changes are a requirement for boaters to drain water out of their boat and to inspect their boat and trailer for AIS prior to transport on the highway.

The DNR meeting of most interest to us would be Monday, July 30 at the Expo Building in Spirit Lake at 3 PM. Please try to attend this meeting to hear about what is being proposed and to voice your support for the proposed legislation. The meeting is expected to last about 90 minutes.

If you are unable to attend it is important that you make written comments as outlined in third paragraph of the DNR notice.

If the DNR does not receive sufficient comments in support of these legislative they may decide to not request the legislature make any changes to Iowa’s Aquatic Invasive Species laws.