The results from the Curly Leaf Pondweed Management Program are starting to be known.

Terry Wilts, Secretary of the East Lake Okoboji Improvement Corporation says, the chemical treatment on East Okoboji was effective this spring.  “After the treatment, it was more than 90 percent effective when it was applied, and that was by far the best results that we’ve had in the 3 years that we’ve done it.  To verify that, back in June, we had a multi-spectrum image taken of the East Lake from the Narrows to the north, and that can actually see both weed growth and what was removed.  We expect those results within the next week or two.”

He adds that mechanical harvesting also took place. “Just shy of a million pounds of pondweed was removed from the North Bay of East Lake Okoboji.” 

Wilts says that next year’s plan will probably include mitigation efforts in Minnewashta Lake.  “I’m going to guess that the 20/21 program will be expanded to include a couple areas that haven’t been real problem areas up to now, and that is going to include Lake Minnewashta.  Our friends down there were pretty well inundated this year.”

The final results of the Management Program are usually presented in September.