Electric Fish Barrier 2020 Update

Asian Carp continue to be a concern for the Iowa Great Lakes Association. As we look ahead to Spring 2021 and the potential for flooding, the electric fish barrier at Lower Gar works to keep these nuisance fish out of our Okoboji chain of lakes.

Bur Oak Blight 2020 Update

Bur Oak Blight continues to threaten the majestic oaks surrounding the Iowa Great Lakes. IGLA has kept out finger on the pulse of treatment options to save the trees anchoring shoreline, producing oxygen and providing habitat to wildlife.

2020 Curly Leaf Pondweed Results

The results from the Curly Leaf Pondweed Management Program are starting to be known. Terry Wilts, Secretary of the East Lake Okoboji Improvement Corporation says, the chemical treatment on East Okoboji was effective this spring.  “After the treatment, it was more than 90 percent effective when it was applied, and that was by far the … Read more

Art in the Park Cancelled Due to COVid Concerns

The Pearson Lakes Art Center is sad to announce the cancellation of Art in the Park scheduled for Saturday, August 1, 2020. This was a very difficult decision for the staff and Board of Directors who organize this very special lakes area event. Art in the Park has historically, to our joy, drawn large numbers … Read more

Clay County Fair Cancelled – Mark Your Calendar for 2021

Spencer, IA Dear Clay County Fair Family: For the past several weeks, we have gathered information, talked with public health authorities, and dialogued with our partners all in an attempt to fulfill the Fair’s mission of providing a “safe family atmosphere” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After exploring all options, the answer is … Read more

Okoboji Event Cancelled Due to COVID-19

(Arnolds Park)– The Okoboji Foundation announced today (Tuesday) the cancellation of its “Celebrating our Founders and our Future Event” that was scheduled for this coming June 27th, due to COVID-19. In a statement, the foundation’s board of directors say they feel responsible for the safety of all their guests and wouldn’t want someone to become … Read more

Hayward’s Bay Lift Station & Force Main Project

HAYWARDS BAY LIFT STATION AND FORCE MAIN PROJECT by Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District has started a project to create more capacity for the center core system of the Sanitary District’s collection system. This project includes a new lift station that will be located north of the intersection of Lakeshore … Read more

University of Iowa Hydrology Report – Flooding in the Iowa Great Lakes

Click here to view the study.  High water levels in 2018 promoted the Iowa Great Lakes Association (IGLA) to engage the University of Iowa’s Institute on Hydroscience & Engineering Department’s Dr. Larry Weber to evaluate and present options to prevent further devastation to the environment, personal property and the recreation/tourism industry that drives the economy … Read more

Celebrate Earth Week with Sticks Fundraiser

The Iowa Great Lakes Association is excited to announce a fundraiser with business member Sticks.  If you’re not familiar with this Iowa business, here’s their story: Sticks Object Art & Furniture was started by Sarah Grant (Big Spirit Lake resident) in 1992.  Since then, Sticks has received national acclaim for their distinctive line of furniture, … Read more

Spring Flooding in Iowa

Frozen soil, melting snowpack, and additional precipitation this spring are the cause for devastating flooding in many communities across the state of Iowa and in neighboring Nebraska. Thousands of Iowans have lost everything as their homes, businesses, and livelihoods have been swept away by floodwaters. As the Missouri and Mississippi rivers continue to experience extreme … Read more