Boji Bantam Children’s Theatre

Boji Bantam 2201 Hwy 71 N

United States

“Listen to the heartbeat of distant drums, sit in the teepee of the people and listen to tales about the smartest and craftiest subjects of Native American lore, the TRICKSTERS! Coyote, Rabbit, Turtle and Spider to name a few, we will meet them all in this woven web of wonderful stories passed down from ancient times. Parables, metaphors, dance, drums, and just plain fun await the entire family with tales from the coasts, southwest, forests and plains tribes… but watch out for mischief!”

‘Boji Bantam performances: Wednesday-Saturday at 10:30 a.m.  Tickets are $5 per child/adult. Call 712-332-7773 for details.

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