Electric Fish Barrier

IPTV to air Asian Carp features

By admin | June 14, 2012

Iowa Public Television is scheduled to air two features on Asian Carp. The first segment will air on “Market To Market” this Friday, June 15 at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 12:30 p.m. on Iowa Public Television. It will also be available after its initial airing at the website: iptv.org/mtom

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Temporary Fish Barrier installation in progress

By admin | June 1, 2012

Local efforts have been instrumental in the continued fight against invasive species in the Iowa Great Lakes. This week, a temporary fish barrier is being installed at the Lower Gar Outlet to protect the area from further Asian carp infestation.

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Update on the Asian Carp Situation

By admin | May 24, 2012

Mike Hawkins – DNR Fisheries Bureau Biologist – has provided the following information as an update on the Asian Carp situation: Sampling Our staff continue to aggressively sample our lakes and the Little Sioux River for Asian carp. In fact, our team, with help from the Aquatic Invasive Species staff from Boone, electro-fished two stretches … Read more

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DNR Issues update on Asian carp situation

By admin | April 27, 2012

Mike Hawkins, Fisheries Management Biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, issued an update this week on the Asian carp situation in the Iowa Great Lakes. Following are his findings: The commercial angler has been keeping our office updated on catch each day they work on the area lakes and are required to provide … Read more

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Further evidence supports need for electric fish barrier

By admin | April 6, 2012

The discovery of additional silver carp and big head carp in East Lake Okoboji this week is further evidence supporting the need for an electric fish barrier. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issued a news release on Wednesday stating that a commercial fishing company caught 55 silver carp and 82 big head carp in … Read more

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Please contact your legislators

By admin | March 23, 2012

We need friends of the lakes to contact their Iowa Representatives to encourage them to support a $200K appropriation for the electric fish barrier in SF-2316 that has already been approved by the Senate. The lakes area legislators – Senator David Johnson along with Representative Jeff Smith and John Wittneben – fully support an appropriation, … Read more

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Supervisors approve funds for fish barrier

By admin | March 21, 2012

(From Explore Okoboji – March 20, 2012 – Spirit Lake)– The Dickinson county board of supervisors voted four-to-one in favor of the county contributing $50,000 toward the estimated $700,000 total cost of installing an electric fish barrier on or near the weir at the Lower Gar Outlet. Proponents of the project say it would hopefully … Read more

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DNR considers installing electric fish barrier

By admin | January 19, 2012

Officials throughout Dickinson County have focused on efforts to stop zebra mussels from entering the Iowa Great Lakes. Now, a new threat has spawned and water protection groups are trying to prevent the invasion of another aquatic invasive species.

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Media outlets give more attention to Asian Carp problem

By admin | January 13, 2012

With Asian Carp creeping through the Midwest, media outlets throughout the region are covering the epidemic. Click here to see a recent magazine article by Chicago Magazine. The Omaha World Herald also recently ran an article on the invasive species. Click here to read the article from the Herald.

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Silver Carp Found In Lost Island Lake

By admin | December 3, 2011

An invasive species of carp continues its spread to northwest Iowa lakes. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says Silver Carp are now in Lost Island Lake. State fisheries experts confirmed the presence after a commercial fisherman collected several while seining the lake for common carp and buffalo carp. DNR Fisheries Biologist Mike Hawkins says … Read more

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