Katie Armiger

Date(s) - Nov 7 2012
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Pearson Lakes Art Center


Tickets cost between $14.00 and $22.00, and maybe purchased at the Pearson Lakes Art Center or on the Even Web Page

Newcomer Katie Armiger’s powerful vocals and skillful songwriting are clearly showcased on her new music. At the ripe age of 19, Katie does not hold back and has an inspiring combination of determination and passion that shines through in her music.

Rarely do you hear of a young artist whose vocal ability and talent is compared to the likes of seasoned country artists like Sara Evans and Martina McBride, but Katie Armiger, who burst onto the country music scene is just that.

Confident, secure, bold, assertive, vulnerable and in-your-face could all describe the songs on the new album, Confessions of a Nice Girl, as well as the artist who sings them. Katie Armiger, who released her first album when she was just 15 years old, has amassed a collection of songs on her third album that touches upon just about every emotion imaginable – love, infatuation, anger, sadness, hurt, happiness – and she is unabashedly unapologetic in showcasing her feelings, whatever form they may encompass.

Katie has just scratched the surface of what she is capable of. She is a passionate and driven performer well beyond her years.

Supported by: PLAC and the Sami Center